Mario Casado-Mancebo

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

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About me

My research is focused on the Phonology-Syntax interface and Computational Linguistics. Currently, I work as a predoctoral fellow at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, where I carry out my PhD dissertartion fully funded by a competitive grant. I have contributed with my research to international conferences and journals. I have taken part in teaching innovation projects sharing my results in national conferences. Applying my research to Secondary and Undergraduate teaching has led me to participate with materials both in journals and books.

For some years, I have worked as a computational linguist for international companies being involved in Interactive Voice Recognition and Voice Assistants. I have been in charge of supervising phonetic corpora alignment, natural language understanding and generating both for voice and text engines. In this line, I have focused on applications that allow the processing of linguist data and its applications to University teaching. I have designed teaching and managing resources of this kind. Thanks to all of this, I have been invited to give talks in universities about the access, presence and importance of linguists in the job world aimed at undergraduate and graduate students.

I see dissemination as an essential part of research and so I have participated in radio interviews and live streams discussing different approaches to linguistics in everyday life. I have also created a public repository with original materials on this topic, which is also intended for a non-specialist public.